Solstice Healing Center, located inside The Personal Wellness Center in Salisbury, MD, is the answer to finding inner wellness and deep relaxation. We are passionate about being your oasis from your busy everyday life and will guide you to find a meaningful and much needed balance. You will relax, refresh and renew  with our various massage modalities,  body work and spa enhancements,.

Solstice Healing Center specializes in SHIATSU, (a blend of western massage, acupressure and stretching), CUSTOM MASSAGE (combining various techniques including swedish, trigger point and myofascial release for a massage tailored for your body), AROMATHERAPY, REFLEXOLOGY, and DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE experiences.

Our mission is to offer health and wellness at an affordable cost.  We know that people work too many long hours and live a life full of stress from being “on-the-go”.  As a result, your body begins to get sluggish and not perform at its best.  Whether looking for serious bodywork or just to unwind and relax, Solstice Healing Center is your destination.


Renew, relax and refresh