Solstice Healing Center, with offerings both in Uvita, Costa Rica and virtually, is the answer to achieving your highest level of wellness and deepest relaxation.  We offer all the tools you need to help you relax, refresh, thrive, and renew. Having been in the field of health and wellness for more than a decade, I often here people believing that voice in their head as the truth – that they cannot achieve their health goals or dreams. This is why I am often referred to as “The Wellness Rebel,” because, together, we are going to find a way around that voice, and to prove it wrong! It may tell you you can’t but I am here to show you YOU CAN! I am driven by my passion to help you live a life outside the box of ordinary through optimal health and wellness. So, let’s rebel together!

This passion will guide you to find a meaningful and much needed balance in your life utilizing varies tested methodologies to support you where you are at. Whether you need intervention or prevention, our services will be guaranteed to help you thrive!

We specializes in both Five Element and TCM style acupuncture treatments as well as customized massage treatments. Additionally, we offer virtual wellness coaching to support you no matter where you are in the world. And, we also offer mindset courses to help you identify and achieve your highest potential. Interested in becoming a wellness coach and influencer, apply for my mentorship program!

Our mission is to offer health and wellness at an affordable cost and to as many people as possible.  We know that people work too many long hours and live a life full of stress from being “on-the-go” and we want to be there to support YOU.  No matter what you are looking for, Solstice Healing Center has a solution for you and is guaranteed to be your wellness destination.


Renew, relax and refresh