Virtual Wellness Coaching

One of the core missions of Solstice Healing Center is to vastly impact the health and wellness of the community at large. We are very passionate about this and do not want our mission to be limited by geography. That is why we are now offering virtual wellness coaching! We do this through a four pillared approach of movement, nutrition, mindset and accountability.

Lack of movement is such a concern in our modern society of overwork and overstress. Too much time at a desk, or in the car commuting, bad meal choices as a result of lack of planning or lack of time…and the cycle goes on and on! There is also a great lacking of mindfulness around nutrition and what truly supports your body to allow it to function at its most optimal level.

Virtual wellness coaching addresses all of this on a customized level utilizing some of the top fitness professionals in the industry. Through this collaboration, we are able to create a program that will not only allow you to design your goals, but also blow past them! Whether your goal is focuses on shifting weight, decreasing stress, increasing energy, boosting mood, improving sleep, or muscle definition, we can create a plan specific for you! This wellness coaching is perfect for: new and postpartum moms, someone looking to get back into a fitness routine, someone looking to up their fitness game, someone interested in learning more about using food to support their body in a simplified, easy fashion, someone with limited time but ready and willing to make a shift, someone who wants to connect with other like-minded individuals who are also on their wellness journey.

It also takes accountability to stick with any program and that is why I have created our Online Wellness Collective for my clients to connect with one another, share challenges and successes all while staying mindful of the goals set for each individual. If you are looking for an extra push, I offer Challenge Groups with a targeted focus where others will be collectively going through their own personal wellness journey at the same time to create a stronger sense of community.

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